NEIDS Technology

Advantages of DNS Deflection Technology
This advanced technology system presents important development advantages for simple adaption. It is ideally suited for local, regional, or national public awareness website interruption but does not require difficult adaption to existing mechanisms in place. The system does not focus on adding source code to websites, and it does not require public use websites purchase new equipment, but instead focuses on origination of Domain Name Server processes in a varied format. DNS setup is all that is required.

Existing Mechanisms Utilized
NEIDS implementation by public and private institutions is accomplished by reasonable and simple record processes. These processes are facilitated on website owner domain name DNS server files.

The setup of this system does not restrict the ability of the DNS administrator of any public awareness website to configure other host records for his or her current needs, as is typical, and it does not affect administrative contact criteria, technical contact criteria, or change of ownership of any domain registration.

Most important DNS privileges remain in the hands of the current DNS administrator for original or potential manipulation control. DNS Administrators can still continue with their ability to edit mx records and setup sub-domains for other purposes as usual.