National and Local Operations For Internet Sites During Disasters

Remote Locations To Secure Deflection Potential
NEIDS requires DNS server processes be available in multiple site locations throughout the United States. The Internet provides incredible redundancy mechanisms through network formats which permit placement of redundant servers in multiple geographic areas.

Administration and Operation Locations
Location of the primary operation center for NEIDS would be best away from major population areas and inland from the coast. Setting up mirrored server locations in remote strategic locations provides the assurance that the system will not be compromised. However, administration offices would be best within or near agencies having authority over NEIDS in Washington. The ability of remote administration of deflection can occur from any geographic location by those having authoritative passwords including The President.

National Broadband Plan and The FCC
Primary licensing and guidance of administration of such a system should reside through the FCC but decentralized authority and interruption by local public safety and EMA could occur anytime. Authority over local or regional deflections can be provided to local EMA offices in communities throughout the nation with local password access. National Deflection would be in the hands of the White House with Presidential Password access.